It’s really hard to make a movie where a child star is defiled. So hard it took filmmaker Deborah Kampmeier many years to finally get a release for her Southern Gothic tale Hounddog. Amid boos at press screenings and horrible reviews, the movie hits a few theatres Sept. 19. Here’s a little more info about the controversy surrounding the project.

I’m always fascinated by hearing the crazy stories behind filmmaking. Like Amazonian tribes wanting to kill Werner Herzog, or acts of God destroying Terry Gilliam movies. It just reminds you that making films is not easy, especially with the fevered egos often involved. In the case of Hounddog, Kampmeier did not have an easy go of it, because of a scene that involves the 12 year old Fanning being raped (from the NY Times):

The criticism began in July 2006 after Lawrence Robins, the disgruntled producer involved in the early financing, went, Ms. Kampmeier said, to the news media with concerns. The director found herself on the receiving end of death threats. Meanwhile, petitions demanded that Ms. Fanning’s mother, Joy, be jailed on charges relating to child pornography.

Apparently certain groups are still protesting the film, and doing whatever they can to keep it out of theatres. I dunno lady, what did you expect exactly? Either way, you have to respect her tenacity. NY Times has the complete story.