Relativity Acquires Raven, Cusack Acquires Goatee

Thursday, January 20 by

The John Cusack film The Raven, in which the beloved actor portrays Edgar Allan Poe, has been acquired by Relativity Media. The drama, produced by Intrepid Pictures, was directed by James McTiegue, and tells of Poe’s last few days, albeit fictionalized. The film was written by Ben Livingston and Hannah Shakespeare, and also stars Luke Evans, Alice Eve, Brendan Gleeson and Oliver Jackson-Cohen. Trevor Macy and Marc D. Evans at Intrepid produced the film, with no clear release date yet. In the film, Poe tries to tracks down a serial killer inspired by Poe’s dark writing. Talk about revisionist history! What’s next, a movie about Abe Lincol fighting vampires? Oh…

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