In his quest to find his daughter, locked in the trunk of a taxi, Nicolas Cage will have yet another ally in Danny Huston. Or enemy. We don't know because the studio hasn't told us in what capacity Huston is joining the film, only that he's joining. The only conclusions I'm willing to draw is that Huston will probably not play Cage's daughter, nor will he play Cage's ex-girlfriend, if only because that role has been filled by Malin Akerman. Going in blind, I would a guess that he's going to be the cab driver or a bad guy. Just a guess.

Medallion has garnered buzz on two fronts: It reunites Nicolas Cage and director Simon West for the first time since the much-loved Con Air, and it was written by screenwriter David Guggenheim, whose anticipated Safe House, starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds, is currently filming.

While the plot of Medallion is more than little reminiscent of Taken, it goes without saying that even if you were to put Liam Neeson and Nicolas Cage in projects with the exact same script, you would end up with two very different movies. One good one, and one Nicolas Cage-one, which could still be good, just louder. (Playlist)