Reese Witherspoon is once again returning to the romantic comedy well, after recently starring in Water for Elephants and McG's This Means War. Sounds fair. If most actresses only did a romantic comedy every third film, I would be a lot happier as a person. However, the upcoming Wish List sounds a little more promising than your standard rom-com fare. Maybe those cats at Disney have higher standards than we give them credit for. Or maybe they just got lucky with this one.

Wish List tells the story of a girl who throws a coin down a well and makes ten wishes. The coin doesn't make it to the bottom, so she grows up to the age of thirty-something, only to find that one day, the coin does make its way to the bottom, instantly granting her adult self all the wishes she made as a child. If I have a girlfriend when this thing comes out, I'm gonna see it. If I don't, I'm going to discreetly Netflix it when it comes out on DVD. (Deadline)