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Redundant: Giamatti Talks ‘Hangover 2′ Villain And Mel Gibson

Thursday, January 27 by

It was hard to hear over the screams of the pitchfork-toting villagers when Mel Gibson being cast in The Hangover 2. The following storm of updates jumbled truth and rumor against one another create a half-truth stew. Now we have a few small bits of confirmation.

Ed Helms already revealed that former President/full-time party dude Bill Clinton will not appear in the film as previously believed. And now we know that Paul Giamatti definitely did film a cameo in Thailand as previously believed. But he is not taking Mel’s role.

“I do, I play Mel Gibson,” Giamatti teased MTV, but then added, “No, I think Liam Neeson plays that.”

He was able to shed a little bit of light on his role, “They kind of swore me to secrecy. I play a bad guy in it.” It’s unclear whether we’ll see Big Fat Liar Giamatti or Shoot ‘Em Up Giamatti which is fine. Just as long as we don’t see him as a lady-boy.

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