This sounds like something that Jack Donaghy would be cooking up for Kabletown, but, alas, this premise is all too real.

In an effort to deflect allegations that country music is just for rednecks, Country Music Television is developing Redneck Island, about 12 rednecks who are placed on an island to "attempt to survive hilarious and unpredictable challenges in unique redneck fashion."

As stupid as the premise sounds, this could be the ultimate survival show. After two painful seasons of The Walking Dead, it's clear that redneck brothers Daryl and Merle are far better survivalists than stupid cityfolk with their liberal arts degrees and their NPR totebags and pre-school admission interviews. The Deadline piece offers some terrific other nuggets.

Did you know that Stone Cold Steve Austin has a production company? He does. And that company is named Broken Skull Ranch Prods. I'm unclear whether "Prods" is some sort of abbreviation for "Productions," or if it's referencing cattle prods. Either way, rednecks on an island.

At the very least, they'll be able to finally balance out those tans.