[post-album postid="28050" item="2"]Robert Redford and Nick Nolte could be teaming up to make the blondest, wrinkliest film of all time. Sundance's big poppa has shown interest in adapting Bill Bryson's "A Walk in the Woods," and would like Nolte to co-star. Based on the true story, Redford would play Bryson, an American who returns home to walk the Appalachian Trail after twenty years abroad. Nolte will portray an old friend who joins him. It's being described as Into The Wild, you know, but funny.

I can see it. I bet it will be funny. Redford and Nolte come upon a group of hippies camping and Nolte absorbs all of their highs by placing his hands on their foreheads and chanting. Then they worship him as their new god. Camera cuts to Redford who says, "Man, I have been gone awhile." (LA Times)