Pics are flying out of the Captain America: The First Avenger cam faster than a deadly frisbee shield. However, this one isn't an official leak. A website began selling Captain America movie Halloween costumes, which gives us an underwhelming (read: really shitty) first look at Cap's nemesis Red Skull in full bad-suntan mode, portrayed in the upcoming film by Hugo Weaving. He looks like a 'pumped' New Jersey Devils fan or an angry, grown up "Inside Out Boy" from old school Nickelodeon.

Perhaps it's unfair to judge a character's look by its mass-market Halloween costume spin-off. This one doesn't do Edward Cullen any favors. Unfortunately, this Red Skull isn't the first laughable image of Captain America we've seen. If more images like these get hoisted up the flag pole, I don't think too many people are gonna be saluting. (Collider)