LEGION Red-Band Trailer - Watch more MOVIE TRAILERS

The new red-band trailer for LEGION hit the nets today and it looks like a winner so far.  Paul Bettany stars as a loose-cannon version of Michael the Archangel, who comes down to Earth against God's wishes in order to ensure the savior of humanity currently incubating in his mother's womb survives an onslaught of evil demons.  Phew. It's like the Catholic church rewrote the script for TERMINATOR 2 and managed to keep the badassitude. 

If only the Bible had calculating-ass, glock-wielding angels and demon grandmas dropping F-bombs before tearing off people's faces, maybe I would have stayed Catholic. Maybe after Monopoly, Candyland and Battleship, a studio can give the Bible a much needed cinematic update (with a cameo from Brendan Fraser and music by Kid Rock, of course.)

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