Remember how awesome Real Genius was? Like when there was a guy who had a crazy laboratory in Val Kilmer's closet? Or when they filled the evil professor's house with popcorn? Or that kickass laser they were working on? Well, good news, Real Genius fans: Val Kilmer and Jon "Closet Guy" Gries are starring in a new movie together. Also, bad news, Real Genius fans: it's an emotional drama that has nothing to do with Real Genius or even lasers.

The indie drama / bio pic Deep In The Heart tells the story of real-life, really-rich Texas businessman Richard Wallrath (Gries), who struggles with alcoholism and eventually becomes a philanthropist. A really big philanthropist too, if you get what I'm saying. Kilmer plays "The Bearded Man" -- and how you can write a serious movie script and keep a straight face when you keep typing "The Bearded Man" over and over again is beyond me -- a "Christ-like figure" who gets Wallrath off the sauce.

The film will be directed by Christopher Cain (Young Guns, but more importantly, The Amazing Panda Adventure) and will feature a cameo by Texas Governor Rick Perry. In Perry's scene, he plays himself in a re-enactment of an awards ceremony he hosted in real life. Hopefully, the Academy will start giving awards for re-enactments of real life award scenes in cinema. (Hollywood Reporter)