Sequels to American Pie are as American as freedom pie, and the next, actually-shown-in-theaters-this-time entry in the series, American Reunion, appears to actually be happening, with most of the original cast of the first movie either in talks or , as in the case of Jason Biggs, Eugene Levy and Seann William Scott, already signed on for this sequel. Now, plot details have emerged, and they've been boiled down to bullet point form for some reason. You could go read something else, but come on! This is here, you might as well know it (WARNING: Unless, that is, you care about spoilers for American Reunion):

  1. The film will center around the characters' 10-yea high school reunion.

  2. Oz is the one who made it big, on a reality dancing show.

  3. Stiffler, on the other hand, is not doing well, professionally or romantically.

  4. The now happily-married Jim has to fend off the advances of next-door-neighbor Kara, who apparently has a thing for "pie-f*ckers."

  5. This doesn't sit well with Marco, who's dating Kara (drama!)

  6. Stiffler makes it with Laurie, who was hot in high school but is now 80 pounds less hot.

  7. Jim has "gone viral," as the kids say, for his performance with from way back with Nadia

  8. Oz brings a girlfriend who apparently is only with him for his money.

  9. Stiffler has a wacky plan to attend the reunion and go to work - on the same weekend!

  10. Former bandcamp attendee Michelle is hot now, teaching us all a valuable lesson about hotness.

And now I've officially written more about American Reunion than I ever thought I would. You're welcome. It's not like I had anything better to do. (via What's Playing)