Ray Liotta is apparently not getting too old for this shit (I know Ray Liotta wasn't in Lethal Weapon, but isn't it really easy to imagine him saying that?). He's agreed to strap on the nightstick and gun for one last graveyard shift in A Place Beyond the Pines, a thriller from Blue Valentine director Derek Cianfrance with Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper. In case it's slipped your memory, here's a plot synopsis:
"Pic follows around a pro motorcycle rider (Gosling) who starts robbing banks to support his newborn son -- until he crosses paths with a determined young cop (Cooper). Liotta will play a fierce, crooked officer on the force."

[post-album postid="201628" item="1"]I've seen Ray Liotta play fierce, and I've seen Ray Liotta play crooked, but can he play fierce and crooked? Just kidding, he's always played fierce and crooked, I'm sure he'll do fine. (Variety)