This Friday, you can see starlet Raquel Alessi in her first big role as the titular character in Miss March.  Actually, her character's name is officially Cindi Whitehall, but I just wanted to write titular not only because it's a perfectly appropriate word choice, but also because I'm feeling like an 8-year-old today.  Boobies.

Check out a tasteful spread on Miss March herself after the jump.

You may also have seen Raquel on TV's "Standoff," or in Ghost Rider, where she played the younger version of Eva Mendes' character.  Unlike his sultry co-star, Nicholas Cage played a younger version of Nicholas Cage for the duration of the film.  I didn't buy it for one second.  I did buy a ticket to Ghost Rider, though.  You can't always be right.

Anyway, back to ogling Raquel: