Apparently noticing how well crazy sells during Charlie Sheen's Circus Sideshow of Winning, the Quaids are ready to trade their chemical imbalances for legal tender.

Randy and his charming wife Evi are hard at work on a docu-drama about how they evaded secret Hollywood assassins and fled to Canada (as we all know, Hollywood assassins have no jurisdiction in Candada). The pair will put on fur coats and silly hats (probably) to preview the unfinished film, Star Whackers, on April 22nd in Vancouver. I don't really see this being a hit without nudity. Oh, good. Look!
“This is a work in progress and highly experimental with nudity, adult language and content throughout,” Evi Quaid said in her artist statement. “For the first time I would like an audience reaction to my art as a work in progress, so I may understand its content through other eyes,” she added.

Move over The Room. Looks like we've got a new source of batshit-infused, unintentionally hilarious, avert-your-eyes disaster-porn. You had a good run. It's Heckyll and Jekyll's turn now. (THR)