This video game adaptation...doesn't piss me off.

It would appear the NES/PC hit video game Rampage is getting adapted to a live--action film (albeit one that probably has a ton of CGI). For those young pups out there, Rampage was a simplistic, one-screen video game in the late-80's that allowed the player to take on the role of Godzilla and destroy cities, swat down helicopters, and eat people. That was it. There was no greater good, and your reward for doing it well was getting to do it again, but this at night.

Simpler times.

This immediately appeals to me in a way that Starship Troopers appeals to me. Easy on the plot, just show some giant animals (that in the game are actually mutated humans) messing stuff up. There's also a great opportunity here for celebrities to cameo for a second or two before they get eaten.

My only stipulation is that Elijah Wood and Ed Harris both get eaten while naked. It's a fantasy I have.