Ramon Rodriguez is the man in charge these days. In Battle: Los Angeles, he plays the lieutenant of a Marine squad, which we find out is even higher ranked than Staff Sgt. (Aaron Eckhart). Also, if you haven’t heard, he’s going to be Bosley in the new “Charlie’s Angels” TV series, so he’ll be commanding some kick ass chicks too. Rodriguez shared some secrets of the alien invasion film and upcoming TV reboot in our interview.

Q: How challenging is it for you to find a fulfilling character in a big production?

Ramon Rodriguez: It’s tricky. What helps is that you get to see him when he’s not at work. So for me, it was really important to know this guy, know what is he doing when he’s not on base, what’s he like and what does he really care about? What matters in his life? It’s his wife and his baby on the way. Those are his major concerns, his priorities in his life right now. Then his platoon of course. Originally, believe it or not, they only did my backstory. They only showed me and my wife. But when we shot that scene where they showed me, my wife and kissing the baby, they realized it attaches you emotionally now. Now you’re invested in this character. So then they did it for all the other marines. So that wasn’t in the script originally. I thought that was a cool adjustment on their part, that they realized in order to hook people in emotionally, you’ve kind of got to show some other parts in there.

Q: Are those real helicopters you have to shout over on the base?

RR: Yes, yeah. That was a real base, those are real helicopters. I think they may have CGI’ed a couple more in but for the most part they’re real. Those Apaches and those birds taking off, man, it was spectacular.

Q: Are you aware of the cameras as they’re following you in the trenches?

RR: For the most part, you know exactly where they are. Every once in a while, Jonathan would have a camera doing a wide shot that you wouldn’t know where it was. The ones that are up in your face, you know that they’re up in your face. You see it, you feel it and those camera operators were working really, really hard. They were running with us which is not easy with that equipment on their shoulder.

Q: Are you still auditioning for movies like this or are they being offered now?

RR: No, I’m still auditioning. Bosley was a straight offer. They offered that to me. That was exciting and interesting but I have had TV offers before that I’ve turned down.

Q: How excited are you to have a character like Bosley?

RR: I’m excited because he gets to be a complicated guy that can be a gentleman, suave, protective kind of mother hen type of character towards the Angels but also has his brooding. He’s got a depth to him. He’s got a past, he’s got a history that he’s dealing with so it’s not like he’s just this guy with the angels. He’s going to have some depth to him. I’m trying to layer all that stuff in right now.

Q: Is it significant that it’s going to be a Latin Bosley?

RR: No, no. Just as I think it wasn’t significant that Bernie Mac did his version or Bill Murray did his version. There may be moments where you may realize oh yeah, he’s Latin but I’m not coming out there speaking Spanish the whole time.

Q: Will your Bosley get out into the field?

RR: Absolutely. I think that’s one of the main things, one of the biggest differences besides age and look between him and the old Bosley, to David Doyle to be specific, is he’s going to be involved a lot more. He knows how to handle himself. He can use you against yourself. If you throw a punch at him, he won’t just punch you right back. He’ll use it but I prefer the Angels to be the more engaging big kicks, punches all that type of stuff.

Battle: Los Angeles invades theaters Friday. “Charlie’s Angels” might be coming to your TV sets this fall.