‘Rambo V’ To Be Less Ridiculous Than Planned

Friday, November 13 by

Back in September, Sylvester Stallone announced that he’d be going toe-to-toe with a were-beast super soldier hybrid in the fifth Rambo film. Fan reaction was not so good. In fact, Stallone wrote this impassioned letter in defense of this departure in creative direction. Well all that doesn’t matter now because Stallone is taking the cheaper way out and hiring Mexican day laborers to play the heavies in the film.

Addressing fans at StalloneZone, the actor said:

"To all the loyal SZoners out there,

I’m letting you know that Rambo has changed course and the story about hunting the man/beast will be done using another character in the lead. RAMBO himself will be heading over the border to a violent city where many young women have vanished.

There will be blood."

"There will be blood." Haha. I think it’s cute when old people use the Internet. (StalloneZone)


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