It would appear that Rachel Weisz has gone all Hollywood on us as well. Granted her first big role was in The Mummy, but she was cool and indie there for a minute.

No longer. She's not only attached herself to a Wizard of Oz project, which is just about the least indie thing there is, but is also negotiating to star in The Bourne Legacy, which will probably be very cool, but let's face it: not very indie. She's like the female Jeremy Renner, which is fitting.

Weisz is reportedly in "deep" talks to star in Bourne opposite Renner, though no specifics on her role have surfaced. The big question here is whether or not she can make it work with her other big-budget film Oz: The Great and Powerful. Oz begins shooting this summer, whereas Bourne is scheduled in September, so it could work, but it's by no means a sure thing.

Even though Weisz is now all "big time," we'll still go see her movies. She's lucky she's insanely hot. (Deadline)