Rachel Weisz Casts Hotness Spell To Join Sam Raimi’s ‘Oz’?

Tuesday, May 3 by

Academy Award winner and recurring fantasy of mine Rachel Weisz is in talks to play a witchy woman in Disney’s Oz, the Great and the Powerful. She already has the prerequisite black hair, so just add a crooked nose, a pointy hat – shazam, shazoom – wicked witch.

Sam Raimi is directing the studio’s Wizard of Oz prequel, because if there’s one story that needs constant re-imagining, it’s the story of the story that led us to The Wizard of Oz. The omnipresent James Franco stars as Oz, a “snake oil salesman” and hot air ballon crash victim who ends up in the well-known land of real-life witches. Meanwhile, evil witch Evanora (Weisz) tries to get her sister Theadora (Mila Kunis) to join the dark side of the witch force. In movies, people always try to get the heroes to join “the dark side,” but I only got asked once in high school and I was too much of a pussy to say “yes.” Damn it. Opportunity missed. (Hollywood Reporter)

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