With Henry Cavill officially set to do the Man of Steel's signature red cape and crotch-fitting underpants, the rumors are beginning to swirl as to which actress he'll be rescuing from precarious situations at one or more climactic points in the upcoming Superman reboot.

Sources report that Rachel McAdams and Jessica Biel are both potential frontrunners for the role of Lois Lane, with such names as Malin Akerman, Kristen Stewart, and Diana Agron of"Glee" fame also being pegged to the list. At one point Anne Hathaway was a favorite to play the part, but she opted instead to visit the gritty realism of Chris Nolan's next Batman flick as the psychologically damaged cat lady from down the hall, Selina Kyle.

Rumors aside, it's likely too early for any concrete news on the Lois Lane front, and casting curveballs are still very much a possibility. Cavill, after all, was hardly mentioned as a potential Superman candidate leading up to this week's announcement that he had snagged the role, and there's always the possibility that the producers will realize Superman isn't really that cool of a superhero after all and decide to scrap the project altogether. I mean, come on. A guy who can do anything? And only has one weakness? We all know the movie is going to end with him breaking out of some ill-conceived kryptonite trap and saving everybody while highlighting how tormented he still feels because he's an outsider. Save it for Maury, Clark. No one feels sorry for you. (CinemaBlend)