Yeesh. So many Spiderman 4 rumors going around lately that I feel like I'm enrolled at Spiderman Regional High. We recently told you that Dylan Baker would be returning to the role of Dr. Curt Connors. That lead to speculation that the Lizard would finally metamorph onto the big screen. And now the latest rumors have Rachel McAdams (or maybe Romola Garai) being considered to play the Black Cat in the webslinger's fourth flick. Please bear in mind that NONE of this news is official. Though I'm sure everyone would be excited to see McAdams don the pleather.

Honestly though, I wish the rumor mill would cease. If so many people continue to go in and out of Spiderman, soon it's going to be more than his spidey sense that's tingling. And the school nurse doesn't have a lotion for that. Trust me... (First Showing)