Jonathan Demme's Rachel Getting Married is one of the most acclaimed movies of the last 10 years. And that is in no small part due to Demme's writing partner Jenny Lumet, whose script for Rachel provides the crucial framework for Demme's improv-heavy movie. Now Demme and Lumet are reuniting for what looks to be another feel-good smash:
"The story is about an alcoholic who reforms his ways after falling in love with a girl, only to relapse after she dies shortly before their wedding. Drowning his sorrows on what would have been their honeymoon, he crosses paths with her father, who is there to scatter his daughter’s ashes on her favorite beach."

Sounds hilarious! Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper have been previously connected to the project but it's not known whether they're still in.  And it's supposed to be called Honeymoon With Harry but I'm guessing it could be changed to something wacky along the lines of Bananas or Animal Crackers. (via The Playlist)