R.I.P., The Last Female Munchkin

Friday, January 17 by
She was a Munchkin. What have you done that's so great?  

One of the most enduring images of The Wizard of Oz is the collection of Munchkins welcoming Dorothy to…I don’t remember where they were welcoming her…Oz? The Yellow Brick Road?

Anyway, those Munchkins defined a film (well, along with flying monkeys, witches, and tornadoes), and the world is a little less merry in the wake of the death the oldest surviving Munchkin, Ruth Robinson Duccini, who passed away Thursday at the age of 95. Not a bad run.

And if there happens to be a Munchkin tontine in place, congratulations to Jerry Maren, the lone surviving member of the diminutive clan. I hope he finds himself awash in tiny fortune.

Fortunately for both Jerry and Ruth, they were able to achieve a degree of Hollywood immortality in 2007, both getting to attend the dedication of a Hollywood Walk of Fame star to The Munchkins.

Nice work, guys. And farewell, Ruth Robinson Duccini.

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