R.I.P. James Rebhorn

Monday, March 24 by

Hollywood has lost it’s premiere angry, rich WASPy guy. Ubiquitous character actor James Rebhorn passed away Friday at the age of 65. The actor lost a long battle with skin cancer after being diagnosed with melanoma in 1992, and had received treatments ever since.

Perhaps one of the most famous “that guy” actors, Rebhorn appeared in over 100 projects, ranging from The Talented Mr. Ripley to Independence Day to the final episode of Seinfeld as well as frequent Broadway performances. His recent work as Carrie’s dad on Homeland showed range and complexity that most of his film work didn’t allow him to exhibit. Although, I really felt his anger when Ben Stiller blamed the cat for flooding the backyard with septic overflow in Meet the Parents. He is survived by family and Colm Feore. (THR)

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