R.I.P. Jackie Cooper

Wednesday, May 4 by

Before the recent, boring Superman movie, and the new Superman movie that Zack Snyder‘s gonna botch somehow, there was the classic 70s and 80s Superman quadrilogy. Actor/director Jackie Cooper will likely be best-known for playing Daily Planet Editor Perry White in all four Christopher Reeve outings. Cooper’s White is a graying, fast-talking man who says words like “rinky-dink,” because newspaper editors are great like that.

Cooper started out as child actor. He was the youngest person ever nominated for a “Best Actor” Oscar at age 9. He was also a cast member in the Our Gang shorts, which were a lot like The Little Rascals shorts, in that they were the exact same thing. Unlike many child actors, Cooper didn’t go crazy. Instead, he took the other accepted child actor route and because a director. Cooper directed episodes of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” “Magnum, P.I.,” and many more shows, including “MASH,” which he won an Emmy for.

At the age of 88, Cooper died Tuesday in Beverly Hills. (Variety)

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