Tom Cruise is getting ready for his next quirky supporting role, this time as seasoned, over the top rock superstar Stacee Jax in director Adam Shankman's New Line adaptation of the smash Broadway musical Rock of Ages. Are fans clamoring to see Cruise belt out hair metal hits? We'll just have to wait and see if this will be another memorable, scenery chewing Cruise supporting role, ala his turn as motivational speaker Frank T.K Mackey in Magnolia, or scummy exec Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder.

Whether or not they are, Cruise has to know that roles like this are what have garnered him the most acclaim in the past few years, as star turns in conventional movies like Knight and Day come and go with little fanfare. There's even a Les Grossman movie in the works, so perhaps the age of quirky Cruise is upon us. Maybe a weird buddy movie between he and Nicholas Cage could be in our future. That's a double dose of crazy in one convenient package. Let's do this, Hollywood! (Deadline)