As if Harry Potter hadn't pissed me off enough already with his crappy movies and chubby, cape-wearing fans, now he's making us all wait an extra week for the new James Bond flick. MGM has officially pushed release to November 14th citing the desire to be closer to the high-traffic holiday season and "taking advantage of last week's decision to move the release date of Harry Potter." While I'm not exactly happy about the decision, I'm not about to go crying about it, either. Although, it is kind of weird that we'll be getting Quantum of Solace here in the States after the rest of the world has pretty much seen it. I'm an American and I want everything first. Then I want to get tired of it really fast and throw it away, immediately. Also, I want to ride a bald eagle to the theater.

Hopefully the delay gives them enough time to add in this super awesome new James Bond theme music.