The Public Enemies depression-era babes keep a-comin'.  We've already shown two of the film's lovely ladies, Marion Cotillard and Emilie De Ravin, now it's time for a beauty with a decidedly strange name: Leelee Sobieski.  Although, that's not her real name; her full name is Liliane Rudabet Gloria Elsveta Sobieski... I think we'll stick with Leelee.  She plays Polly Hamilton, one of Dillinger's numerous lady friends in the flick.  Her work includes films with masterful directors (Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut) and masterful act--... Wait, sorry, no, insane actors (Nic Cage in The Wicker Man).

A Word From Leelee: “If only I could find a guy who wasn't in his 70s to talk to me about white cranes, I'd be madly in love.”

On that note, we'll be looking up the Wikipedia page for white cranes, and then trying to Google Leelee's address.  In the meantime, check out hot photos of Leelee after the jump.