On Monday we showcased the French dish that is Public Enemies' starlet Marion Cotillard.  But she's not the only babe we think is the bee's knees in Michael Mann's old timey gangster pick-chaaa.  Meet Emilie de Ravin, who plays Barbara Patzke, a bank telle taken hostage by John Dillinger and company in one of their Illinois heists.  You may remember her from Rian Johnson's cult hit Brick, but she's perhaps more known for her role as Claire Littleton, the Aussie baby mama on "Lost."

A Word From Emilie: "Becoming a prima ballerina requires a lot of work."

Pfffft.  So is putting up a picture gallery of YOU, Emilie!  Just ask our intern, Spencer.  You can check out his handiwork after the jump. And don't forget you can see Emilie starting today in Public Enemies!