For the past few weeks, you've been reading various entertainment news outlets clumsily referring to director Paul Thomas Anderson's Scientology movie as"Paul Thomas Anderson's Scientology movie," "Paul Thomas Anderson's formerly titled The Master project," "Paul Thomas Anderson's strike for Xenu's forces," etc. Well, friends, that dark period of our nation's history is finally over, as the movie is now back to officially being titled The Master.

[post-album postid="11841" item="4"]Now that that's out of the way, I can report that The Master (ah, that feels good) has added two new actors to its cast: Josh Close and Fiona Dourif. Josh Close is said to be playing one of lead Philip Seymour Hoffman's character's disciples. Fiona Dourif (daughter of actor Brad Dourif), is playing an undisclosed part. They're both also joining Amy Adams and Joaquin Phoenix in the movie.

The good news here is that when Close and Dourif call up their parents to tell them the good news, they can just say they're in The Master, not "the Scientology movie" or whatever. Just The Master. (Variety)