I'm bursting out of your chest... with Prometheus news. According to space rumors, the Alien-tangential film has added two members to its crew: Benedict Wong (Moon) and Scottish BBC actor Emun Elliott. Verification for this news comes from Elliot's agency and Wong's Twitter feed. Wong recently wrote, "Prometheus…..boom!" So, either he means he didn't get the part and is gonna blow up the set, or he's being celebratory. I'm gonna hope/assume the latter.

Meanwhile, the blog Alien Prequel News has reported that they've seen recognizable xenomorph costumes on set, with some modification. So, you will be seeing the aliens in Ridley Scott's new Alien film, even though it isn't exactly an Alien film. Got it? Here's a description of what the reporter saw:
"Though security on the set is very tight with the good weather, dock doors have been open and cast and crew have been enjoying lunch outdoors. I can confirm seeing 3 aliens having lunch. Not the whole costume but blue-ish costumes and the unmistakable heads hanging around their shoulders."

In space, no one can hear you scream, "I ordered the salami, god damn it."

Prometheus, starring Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron, enters our atmosphere June 8, 2012. (APN)