Producer Of ‘The Walking Dead’ And ‘Terminator’ Found Another Cool Story She Wants To Tell

Monday, March 7 by

The producer of “The Walking Dead” apparently loves it when groups of people band together and take a stand against things. Gale Anne Hurd, the principal behind Valhalla Motion Pictures, has picked up Nameless, a spec script from Chris Bullett. Nameless imagines a secret community of government witnesses that becomes compromised and subjected to invading assassins. The witnesses, along with the marshal running the community, band together to fight off the threat. Bullett had imagined the story with a modern-day western motif.

Hurd has a pedigree in action and sci-fi films, having also been credited on Terminator, Aliens, The Punisher, and The Incredible Hulk. Despite the seemingly large scope of Nameless, Hurd has intimated that that she will go the indie route for financing on this one, saying, “I wouldn’t rule anything out but at this point, the mid-range films are often not financed or made by studios.”

That’s true, but most mid-range films aren’t stories this interesting, made by people with so much success. I wouldn’t be so quick to rule out studio interest, Gale. (THR)

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