Remember the Dead Island short we posted two days ago? The 3 minute viral video for the upcoming zombie shooter game that was surprisingly artsy? Well, two days is a long time in internetland, because already the short has been seen by 1.6 million people on YouTube and the film rights to the game have just been optioned. That's right: there will be a movie based on a commercial for a video game, which tops the list of "Retarded Things To Option," blowing past the former #1: "Twitter Account."

Producer Sean Daniel (The Wolfman) technically scooped up the movie rights to Dead Island itself, but according to Techland, the studio behind the Dead Island, the actual game isn't about the characters in the viral video. But we're sure Daniel is gonna want to make a game based on the story from the video, because that's the thing that's super popular right now. Who knows how the actual game will do? And who cares? Everyone loves that video.

"So now... how do we stretch 3 minutes into 2 and a half hours," Daniel asks a screenwriting duo, who scratch their heads simultaneously. "And can a whole movie be backwards?" (Cinema Blend)