At first blush, it would seem that Prince and Lady Gaga might not adhere to the genetics of The Great Gatsby, a seminal indictment of things over-the-top and fake.

However, upon closer inspection, yup. That first blush was totally right.

Never mind, though. Baz Luhrmann's love of unnecessary spectacle, coupled with delay in the release of the film to May 10, 2013 has afforded him some time to just cram starpower into his take on the F. Scott Fitzgerald masterpiece. Now that this news comes to light, I don't know how I was ever able to mentally picture the Hamptons party without "Bad Romance," and "Pussy Control" playing in the background, gently underscoring the seething, troubled upper crust.

I'll only have to imagine it for about seven more months before Luhrmann puts all the pieces in place for me. Now if only we could get Korn and Crazy Town in that Death of a Salesman adaptation that has been kicking around Hollywood.