After offering the part to and getting shot down by Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Mia Waskiowska, Emma Stone, and Anne Hathaway (funny that there aren't any black actresses on that list), the producers of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies have realized that Blake Lively was really their first choice all along, and they're totally not just giving it to the biggest available name right now. It's rumored she's been offered the part but has yet to respond.

Lively has been flirting with the A-list for the past year or so, having gone "ugly" in The Town, cleverly disseminated nude pictures of herself to the masses (What the hell. It's Friday. Here's a link to the smoking-hot pics.), and jumped on board Oliver Stone's The Savages in her highest-profile role to date. Will this nascent project be the one that catapults her to superstardom? It's hard to tell as this project has seemed to lose steam over the past year or so, but they could do a lot worse than Blake Lively. Ke$ha, for instance.

Lively would play Elizabeth, the star of the film, a Victorian young lady who enjoys impalin the walking dead as much as she does playing coy to Mr. Darcy.

While I don't think Lively is a bad choice here, the selection doesn't seem terribly inspired, as they are probably just going for the biggest name they can get. However, if attaching her gets production rolling on this film, good. Great. Splendid. She's the best actress for the job, etc.

Now please start making the film.