Fly your flags at half-mast on Monday, and consider not even going in to work at all: come the beginning of the workweek, Priceline will begin airing commercials that kill off William Shatner as he rushes into a burning building to save vacationers before making the ultimate sacrifice and dying himself.

As we learned, despite our best efforts to ignore him, William Shatner was the Priceline Negotiator. Since Priceline is shifting away from the name-your-own price model, they figured it best to make an example of the Negotiator by sending him to a fiery death.

Now that the Negotiator is leaving us, who should step in as the Priceline Standard-Lowest-Fare-Available-Payer?

I have ten suggestions:

  1. Felicia "Snoop" Pearson

  2. Lucy Liu (for international travel)

  3. Idris Elba

  4. George Lucas

  5. Jason Biggs

  6. Paula Deen

  7. Chris Pine

  8. Tyler, The Creator

  9. Michael K. Williams

  10. Rick Perry