Whenever I go see a Pixar movie, I always forget about the shorts. They're fantastic, but they always come to me as a surprise. Like, "oh yeah, there's gonna be a short - nice work, me, cause I get to watch a Pixar short now."

Below is the first sneak peak at "La Luna," a new short about a little boy on a boat with his father and grandfather, learning about their unusual family business for the first time. "Why is this unconscious man wearing cement shoes, grandpapa?" "La Luna" won't premiere in front of Cars 2: Return of the Creepy Looking Car-People. Toy Story short "Hawaiian Vacation" opens with Cars 2, so we don't know which film this 7 minute short will be paired with. Unless it's Cars 3, it'll probably be great. (ComingSoon.net)

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La Luna is the timeless fable of a young boy who is coming of age in the most peculiar of circumstances. Tonight is the very first time his Papa and Grandpa are taking him to work. In an old wooden boat they row far out to sea, and with no land in sight, they stop and wait. A big surprise awaits the little boy as he discovers his family's most unusual line of work. Should he follow the example of his Papa, or his Grandpa? Will he be able to find his own way in the midst of their conflicting opinions and timeworn traditions?