Steven Soderbergh as a retired person gets more done than most fully-employed people at the height of their career. That's a good thing when he's putting together his more thoughtful fare, like Contagion or Traffic, but leaves something to be desired when the production in question is Magic Mike 2, the sequel no one asked for. In the wake of critical success Mud, Matthew McConaughey will be joining the rest of the cast, all of who are coming back because, hey, stripper movie.

Soderbergh won't be directing, because too much sexuality that close isn't a good thing, but he will be curating the project as a producer. His absence from the director's chair is actually being cited as a "break" from directing, rather than his pseudo-retirement that actually wasn't at all.

It's widely believed that the plot of Magic Mike 2 will be "abs and pecs."