I would like Tracy Morgan to make a good movie for once. He's so funny on "30 Rock," but he's as far from EGOT-ing right now as you can get. Maybe getting cast in Pretender will be a turning point for Morgan: it's an indie comedy with an Oscar-approved cast and director. Seems a touch classier than the group behind Beer For My Horses.

Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) and Melissa Leo (The Fighter, The F-Bomb at "The Oscars") star as a wannabe Juliard student and his drug addicted mom. Morgan plays Leo's drug dealer, whose name is Sprinkles. In a word, nice. Oscar nominated writer/director Ron Nyswaner (Philadelphia) is helming and scribing, sharing screenplay credit with Philip Dorling.

Surrounded by Oscar folk, let's hope that brings out the best in Morgan. "Yeah, here's hoping, Liz Lemon." (Collider)