‘Powers’ Picks Up An Actor With The Awesome Name Of ‘Titus Welliver’

Monday, July 18 by

6 photosLucy Punch

Titus Welliver is pretty far from a household name, but a new role in FX’s Powers is bound to raise his profile a little, even if he isn’t quite made the toast of Hollywood. Welliver has, over the years, become a ubiquitous “that guy,” having made appearances on myriad cable and network TV dramas, including Deadwood, Sons of Anarchy, and the The Good Wife.

Jason Patric and Lucy Punch will serve as the stars of Powers, a show that focuses on a police division that solves crimes that involve people with superpowers. Welliver will play a character named Triphammer, an egotistical technology guru that has invented a method of removing and bestowing supernatural powers onto people.

Powers is right now shooting its pilot in Chicago, so a decision on a pickup is a ways down the line, though the buzz behind this show would lead me to believe its very likely. Do it for us, FX. And if not for us, if only so a few more can learn the name “Titus Welliver.” (AOL)

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