Post Inauguration Hangover Links

Wednesday, January 21 by

There’s this race in Portland, OR called the I-Tit-Arod where dudes have to go to every strip club in town and have a drink withi 24 hours. There are something like 90 clubs. No one has ever finished the race. I hope there’s a similar competition during the Inaugural Balls where young, brash Charlie-Wilson-esque state representatives have to stop at each party, chug a glass of scotch, sexually harass three Senate aids, and lobby for a new bridge in their home district. I’d call it the Inagarod. Now here’s the links.

A Shitty Day In The Life Of An Informmercial Actor (IAMBORED)
The Music of Mark Gormley Is F’Ing Amazing (Gorilla Mask)
The Ten Greatest Lost WTF-isms (Unrealitymag)
Because I Ain’t Gonna See It: A Waltz With Bashir Review (Pajiba)
Totally Not TV or Movie Related: Denise Milani Is Hot (Holytaco)


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