Look past the incredibly girlie pink text and star graphics in the images below, if you can, for new photos from The Amazing Spider-Man set. Behind the scenes photos from the Spider-Man reboot have blanketed the entertainment blogosphere like so much webbing, but this is the first time we're seeing what might be Rhys Ifans in Lizard make-up, hiding his scaly shame behind a mask. That makes me so angry. What's that masked menace Ifans got to hide? Suddenly, I know J. Jonah Jameson's pain.

Other photos include Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) taking a few casual laps in and around a police car, and about-to-skateboard Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) looking chillaxed. Totes chillaxed. To the miz-ax.

The Amazing Spider-Man webs-up theaters July 3, 2012. (Pink Is The New Blog)