She's probably no Walter White, but 74 year-old college professor Irina Kristy has been nabbed for meth production in a familiar Breaking Bad-vein, allegedly getting into business with her 29 year-old son. The pair are charged with "distribution of meth, conspiracy to violate the drug law, and drug violation in a school zone."

That last one is because their lab is 500 feet from an elementary school... and the Somerville City Hall. Almost hard to believe that they got caught.

Predictably, Kristy is on leave from Suffolk University while this gets sorted out. Unpredictably, she's not on leave from Boston University, presumably because they consider meth labs near elementary schools a personal matter that they have no right to get involved in.

One large distinction between the show and this story is that Kristy is a professor in math, not chemistry, so I'm guessing that her product is shitty. But I won't be able to really speak to that until I try it.