‘Police Academy’ Reboot Will Be Helmed By A ‘Tosh.0′ Director

Tuesday, January 10 by
Hello, old friend.  

Police Academy, the Tosh.0 of movies, will logically be directed by Scott Zabielski, who has never directed a film, but has directed episodes of the web-based Comedy Central hit. You didn’t think that Tosh.0 episodes directed themselves, did you? Each episode requires fifteen minutes of careful study to ensure that there are no boom mics in frame, and that Daniel Tosh doesn’t have any corn or cilantro in his teeth.

Adding to the humor is the fact that Zabielski is a “reserve police officer” in West Hollywood, meaning he probably tells people to cover up during Pride Week, and may or may not be the guy that gives my friends parking tickets when they come over to visit.

What else is known about the reboot, which has been looming over us like a blimp filled with cow shit since it was announced in 2010?

It will stick to the formula of ragtag civilians who become cops, and will almost certainly consist of a collection of bizarre scenes that can be played in any order without affecting the story one iota. According to a producer, it will also “probably retain the wonderful theme music.”

Can we just assume that McLovin has already been cast in this?

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