Roman Polanski is currently looking at True Crime as his next project, but circumstances indicate this may just be window-shopping. What "circumstances?" Well, Brett Ratner is attached to produce, and while both he and Polanski come off as equally rape-y (with the only distinction being that Polanski actually raped someone), it's unlikely that they overlap much in the way of their craft.

Which is too bad, because the source material sounds pretty interesting. A New Yorker article in 2008 examined a 2000 Polish murder investigation that went cold until a detective found some striking similarities between the crime and a book written by a Polish author. The screenplay has been drafted by The Last King of Scotland scribe Jeremy Brock, which would make for a tremendous complement to Polanski and (sigh) Ratner.

While Polanski would bring a very distinct style to the film, expect to possibly see some casting rumors here regardless of whether he signs up. There is no production timeline nor locations specified, but if Polanski jumps on board, keep your eyes on those non-extradition countries he's so fond of. (Playlist)