20 years is the amount of time we were able to spend enjoying Point Break and it's dumb-but-not-really action movie legacy. Alcon Entertainment will be updating the 1991 film, setting in the more general world of "extreme sports" rather than surfing.

Instead of making a joke here, I'm just going to go on record as saying this is a very bad idea.

The scribe behind Salt, Kurt Wimmer, will be putting together a film that incorporates a bunch of contemporary bullshit into a movie that was just fine to begin with. Whoever is behind this clearly holds nothing sacred and will put together a film that falls way short of the original, but I would like to chip in my two cents to make sure the remake is as ephemeral and awful as possible.


Johnny Utah - Tobey Maguire

Bodhi - Dax Shepard

Tyler - Katy Perry

Pappas - Jon Cryer

featuring an original soundtrack by Bruno Mars.

In closing, I leave you with this quote from producer Michael DeLuca. Feel free to read it then go take a shower: “Point Break wasn’t just a film, it was a Zen meditation on testosterone fueled action and manhood in the late 20th century and we hope to create the same for the young 21st!”