Pixar is going to do a college movie. Alright, where do I enroll?

At CinemaCon, the true animation domination-ers at Pixar officially announced the Monsters Inc. sequel will be called Monster University. Monsters Inc. is my favorite Pixar movie, so I'm excited that we'll get another outing with our favorite scream team, even in I am wary of Pixar sequels. Are you excited about Cars 2? Cause it can drive itself into a river for all I care.

The story is supposedly about how Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) and James P. Sullivan (John Goodman) began as college rivals at the University of Fear. Both actors are coming back, because besides sopping up our nostalgia for his Oscar hosting days, what else is Billy Crystal up to? The film has a release date scheduled for November 2nd, 2012.

One thing that intrigues me is that the "college movie" genre is typically very loosely structured and gag based, which is very different from Pixar's tightly crafted narratives and character arcs. My first guess is that this will probably not feel like a G-rated Animal House, Old School or Revenge of the Nerds. Then again, maybe the Pixar crew wants to cut loose and down a keg? Either way, I will pledge Pixar House. (Collider)