[post-album postid="222830" item="1"]When you mistakenly carjack a plainclothes cop, you're gonna need a pretty great excuse as to why you just did the dumb thing you did. What better opportunity to confuse a cop than by claiming that your crime is simply a scene in the Batman film shooting in your city? I mean, it won't work, and you'll look pretty stupid, but it gives me something to write about on slow news days.

In Shadyside, a suburb a few miles outside of Pittsburgh, a man did exactly that, claiming that the carjacking was written into the script of The Dark Knight Rises, despite the fact that they were on Ivy Street, miles away from the shooting locations, and there was, uh, no camera crew around. He should have said he was REHEARSING for a scene. STUPID!

Seriously, Pittsburgh? Ivy Street? Shadyside? Did you change all the city and street names when Pleasantville was shooting in town, then forget to change them that? Those names might work for Father of the Bride, but not for something as brooding and dark as The Dark Knight Rises.