Whether you liked Pirates of the Caribbean 4 or wished you owned a boat with a plank, so you could shove the film reels off of said plank, On Stranger Tides is a box office winner. Disney has collected over $639 million doubloons worldwide so far, which means there will be more of them. The only problem is that Johnny Depp and Pirates 4 director Rob Marshall are not yet signed on for a fifth installment. They've also set sail to make another project together, Thin Man, which is perhaps their way of abandoning ship.

[post-album postid="212971" item="1"]If Depp pulls out, that'll obviously create a major whirlpool for producers to fight out of. However, the studio is already throwing around new names for director: Sam Raimi, Chris Weitz, Alfonso Cuaron, Shawn Levy and their fantasy pick... Tim Burton. Apparently, they wanted Burton for #4, so it seems unlikely they'd get him now. Of those, I'd say Levy makes the most sense, given that his filmography contains many huge budget, family friendly CG-based movies. I guess we'll see how it all shakes down.

Screenwriter Terry Rossio already turned a draft of Pirates 5 to Disney. (CinemaBlend)