Can a film actually collapse into itself if it features too many heartthrobs? D.J. Caruso is conducting a little experiment to find out. The I Am Number Four director claims that Alex Petyfer, Shia LeBeouf, and Chris Pine have all expressed interest in separate roles in the upcoming adaptation of the Preacher comic series.

Preacher is the story of a man of God who teams up with a vampire to confront the lord himself for his negligence and malice. Of the three aforementioned actors, I really like Alex Petyfer for the starmaking role of "God." Sadly, it doesn't sound like that's going to happen, as Chris Pine is dicussing playing "Jesse," Shia TheBeef is weighing the role of Arseface(!), and Alex Petyfer, the Saint of Killers.

Caruso has a reputation for speaking candidly about upcoming projects, so while these may be very real considerations, a lot can happen between now and whenever this film starts production. These three are among the busiest and most desired actors in Hollywood, so don't be surprised if they fall out of discussions to pursue a remake, reboot, sequel or adaptation in the near future. (Playlist)